Junior cricket Competition - Ages U11 to U16

 Competition cricket is played with a view to further increasing the skill levels of players and being competitive but is NOT intended to be played with a win at all costs attitude. KPCC encourages coaches to give every child a decent go at all aspects of the game and to rotate players in batting order and the like. As players get older their particular specialties will emerge (e.g. keeping, new ball bowler, etc) and be given more priority.

KPCC generally fields two teams in the U11 and U12 competition, which is a single division competition, with no grading. U11 use a 142g hard ball and all ages from U12 up use the full-sized 156g ball. The Club provides equipment but players often prefer their own, particularly bats, helmets and personal protectors. Play is usually Saturday mornings, but afternoon games are possible. They run from about 9am to 12.30-12.45pm generally. Games are played at various locations in the Association’s area. The season runs from about early September to March each year, with a break from just before Christmas to the end of January.

The club also fields teams from U13s up as demand allows, also in a single division competition. KPCC would like to address the problem of our lack of teenage Juniors. In the past our Junior numbers have declined as many of them start to attend Independent schools that require they play school sport on Saturday mornings. As many Independent schools are now scheduling their sport also in the afternoon, KPCC has not to date looked to move away from the Saturday morning spot it currently occupies. We are providing what many of our Independent school Junior players call  Real Cricket. In our Junior games each team faces a maximum of 50-55 overs. The 2 day format allows the players to learn & use proper batting technique & to bowl proper spells, giving them the excitement of Test cricket. This is something which the shorter format games offered by the Independent schools ( & Clubs in other competitions), although great for entertainment, is not educating young cricketers in. Under pressure to score quickly in the shorter format, the less experienced cricketer learns bad habits & often performs poorly. The cricket Junior who wants to play Representative cricket for their area, must first belong to a Club. We have Juniors who play for their School, our Club & play Representative cricket on Sundays. You needn't go this far, but it is possible to combine Independent school sport & Club cricket successfully. It is definitely worthwhile & can be very rewarding.


Representative cricket: KPCC encourages its more talented cricketers to try out for representative teams in the HKHDCA age groups. Details of trials are advertised as and when they are made available. Given that most, and possibly all, clubs tend not to grade their teams, representative cricket is the opportunity (if successful in selection) to experience a high level of cricket played in good spirit in a graded and very competitive environment. Games are usually played on Sundays and can range from Penrith to Manly to  Newcastle to Glenorie in location, over about 6 or so Sundays.