KP Club Twenty20

 Proven to be very entertaining and a great social evening for the club, the Kissing Point Club Twenty20 match is now firmly entrenched as one of the most important dates on the club calendar.  

Background History

Long before the glitz and glamour of the Indian Premier League (ok, well a few months before), there was a Twenty20 event that stood tall above its successor. An event that was thoroughly more entertaining, more action-packed, more unpredictable, and much more hilarious than the IPL. Participants were extremely eager to play - not for a chance to earn an exorbitant payment, but merely for the chance to play some more cricket. To play cricket for fun.

I am talking, of course, about the inaugural Kissing Point Cricket Club Twenty20 match. The first ever Kissing Point Twenty20 game was played on the 21st of December featuring two sides of current Kissing Point players. The event was a definite success. An estimated crowd of over 100 people showed up to watch. The crowd featured a large number of families and children, and not just those related to the players, which was encouraging to see. Innovations such as the orange balls, the grand unveiling of the Kissing Point coloured shirts, painted Kisso tri-coloured stumps and a fielding restriction circle all added to the carnival type feel of the night. The atmosphere on-ground was incredible to play in (thanks largely to the Jacob, Dutch, Mick, and Morto band). A fireworks display topped off a wonderful evening (thanks Jono and Frank). 

The Teams  -  The Players & The Gentlemen

The annual match sees The Gentlemen (in white) take on The Players (in blue and red shirts). The team names were intended to be a somewhat symbolic gesture to the history of the game – some of cricket’s earliest first-class fixtures were played between select teams entitled The Players and The Gentlemen. Particularly notable is the contrast of having such historically derived team names for a format that is seen as modern, flashy and innovative – a bit representative of the evolution of cricket and its formats, if you will! 


The video of the inagural KP Club Twenty20 is at: