Umpiring is generally done by parents from U8 upwards, for all teams. Umpiring is FUN and is not hard, especially if you get involved at an early stage (eg in U8s to 10s, when the pressure is off!). Regular umpiring suddenly makes decision-making much easier than it might look from the sideline.

We encourage parents to be sensible when it comes to being practical and encouraging good cricket rather than always insisting on very rigid rule interpretation (e.g. do you rigidly enforce the front foot no-ball law for the U12s in the first few games of the season or encourage the idea of a warning for first offenders? Another example may be differing interpretations of what is a no ball or a wide). This is something that you should discuss with the other team’s umpire before the match begins, so disputes later on can be avoided. Consistency of approach, from both umpires, for both teams, is the ideal to strive for, with judgment to be exercised sensibly.

Ideally the umpire should not be the coach, in competition cricket, so that he/she is left to concentrate on giving everyone a go and organising the batting/bowling order etc rather than having to concentrate on two difficult jobs at once. It may seem daunting, but getting involved in a meaningful way in your son or daughter’s cricket is very rewarding.

HKHDCA has provided guidelines for umpiring junior games. It hac be found in our library at the following link: HKHDCA Umpiring Junior Games