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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1120114603215141203254968120*Harrison MoonKissing Point2019/2020D Grade4 1St Ives - Gold
210079824515141203205919100*********Kissing Point2019/2020Under 15/161 1Castle Hill White
3876620371514120319631387*Ken DruceKissing Point2019/20202nd Division T202 1Hornsby District
4836620371514120324241383Ken DruceKissing Point2019/2020A Grade4 1Hornsby District
57819107831514120325479578*Nick DrummondKissing Point2019/2020C Reserve Grade1 1St Ives
6742899871514120325885674Jude D'SilvaKissing Point2019/2020C3 Grade2 1Kenthurst Upper Hills
7747994181514120325495674*Alex WardKissing Point2019/2020D Grade1 1St Ives - Blue
8731829311514120324240373Joshua L HoweKissing Point2019/2020A Grade1 1Kenthurst Upper Hills
9739688221514120320687473Billy JamesonKissing Point2019/2020Under 15/163 1Oakhill College
10672796551514120319637467*Brian TaylorKissing Point2019/20204th Division T201 1West Pennant Hills - Blue
11639273781514120325480263Henry KinseyKissing Point2019/2020C Reserve Grade2 1Castle Hill
12589688551514120320591958*Manas BansalKissing Point2019/2020Under 15/161 1Castle Hill White
13558763731514120320687455Jimmy WoodsKissing Point2019/2020Under 15/163 1Oakhill College
145410430351514120320686654*Luke MooneyKissing Point2019/2020Under 15/162 1WPHC Red
155314271461514120320579953*Myles KapoorKissing Point2019/2020Under 13s2 1Castle Hill White
165218908521514120324240752*Donovan SchreuderKissing Point2019/2020A Grade2 1Asquith Rugby League
175210430351514120325501252*Luke MooneyKissing Point - Blue2019/2020D Reserve Grade1 1WPHC
18502900001514120325501150Stephen L HallKissing Point - Red2019/2020D Reserve Grade1 1Hornsby District
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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