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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
19912543911264120269767899Murugathasan RatnasinghamKissing Point2017/2018D Reserve Grade1 1Hornsby District
2757982451264120265971175*Anthony BartlettKissing Point - Pennant Hills2017/2018Under 14s2 1Castle Hill RSL
37516406891264120265971175*Will McFaddenKissing Point - Pennant Hills2017/2018Under 14s2 1Castle Hill RSL
4742900741264120266770474Jeremy R WichtKissing Point2017/2018C Reserve Grade1 1Berowra
5652900421264120264432465Brad RishworthKissing Point2017/2018T20 4TH GRADE2 1Kenthurst Upper Hills
65912543911264120264420859Murugathasan RatnasinghamKissing Point2017/2018T20 5TH GRADE1 1WPHC - Blue
7547994201264120265970654Phelipe ButronKissing Point2017/2018Under 15s2 1Berowra
8522900581264120269767852Jeff P StewartKissing Point2017/2018D Reserve Grade1 1Hornsby District
9527994201264120263599752Phelipe ButronKissing Point2017/2018Under 15s1 1Hornsby District
105116406861264120263602851*Elliott GaskellKissing Point - Pennant Hills2017/2018Under 14s1 1WPHC - Blue
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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