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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110028997914841202964923100*Mike CoburnKissing Point2018/2019D Reserve Grade1 1St Ives
2838069131484120296486883*Wayne A NorrishKissing Point2018/2019D Grade2 1Galston-Glenorie
37311470581484120296468273*Callum WatsonKissing Point2018/2019C Grade2 1Lankan Islanders
4716843301484120291791971*Edward T MorrisKissing Point2018/20195th Division T20SF 1St Ives
5706844751484120291791270*Thomas D SkinnerKissing Point2018/20195th Division T201 1Kenthurst Upper Hills
6701829311484120296431370*Joshua L HoweKissing Point2018/2019Kookaburra Cup1 1Hornsby District
77015470721484120296492770*Sam TewaterKissing Point2018/2019D Reserve Grade2 1Hornsby District
8688437881484120296486468*Tim MorrisKissing Point2018/2019D Grade1 1Berowra
96716058761484120296481967Brett DouglasKissing Point2018/2019C3 Grade2 1Hornsby District
10652899941484120296431765Jai D GarbyalKissing Point2018/2019Kookaburra Cup2 1Berowra
11599688221484120293983059Billy JamesonKissing Point2018/2019Under 16s1 1Kenthurst Upper Hills
125710411371484120293983457Will McCarrollKissing Point2018/2019Under 16s2 1WPHC Blue
135411470581484120291785554Callum WatsonKissing Point2018/20194th Division T201 1Normanhurst-Warrawee
145310418231484120296481853Stephen MurphyKissing Point2018/2019C3 Grade1 1St Ives
15528844261484120293965952*Elliott J GaskellKissing Point - Pennant Hills2018/2019Under 15s2 1Castle Hill RSL
165211328521484120303743052*Nicholas BlackmoreKissing Point Red2018/2019Under 12s3 1WPHC Green
175110584131484120293810551*Jett AttardKissing Point Blue2018/2019Under 12s2 1Kissing Point Red
18506868381484120291791650Michael SiKissing Point2018/20195th Division T202 1Berowra
19508437881484120291791950Tim MorrisKissing Point2018/20195th Division T20SF 1St Ives
20502900421484120296467950Brad RishworthKissing Point2018/2019C Grade1 1Hornsby District
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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