The Wet Weather Telephone Number for all of our competitions is – 8230 0144. There are also regular updates on the HK&HDCA website:

Although there is a wet weather line, the standard procedure when it is raining is for the team to actually travel to the ground and for the coaches (or captains, for seniors) to make a pitch and ground inspection to determine if it is safe to play (or delay the start of play). Ground closures can be checked on the links (go back to ‘weather’) but grounds with all-weather pitches are rarely closed in summer.

Shortly after the season begins, coaches and managers should receive a spreadsheet with their opponents’ contact details. If it is monsoonal then an early morning call (and an introductory call the night before first) to your opponent is recommended for coaches/captains. Coaches/captains would be well advised to have an sms system and email set up to advise their teams (players/parents, remember to switch your emails and mobiles on when rain looks likely!).