Online Scoring from season 22/23 onwards will change from the MyCricket Live Score app to the PlayHQ Electronic Scoring web application, accessed via your web browser.

PlayHQ Electronic Scoring can be used from a mobile, tablet or laptop computer.

Your club contact for all things scoring is [email protected].

Manual or Online Scoring?

We are recommending for competition matches that at least on manual scorebook is used, along with the e-scoring app (if it is to be used). This will ensure a backup in case of malfunction.

If you are fully confident with using PlayHQ Electronic Scoring both scorers can use it provided your devices are charged.

What you need to score

  • A fully charged laptop or device with at least 4 hours battery life (6 for Senior matches)
  • A spare battery
  • 2x USB cable for phone/tablet - for both the USB-C and Apple types.

Cricket Australia have support documents about e-scoring.

Non-competition matches (U8-U11)

You do not need to record any scores or results in PlayHQ for these age groups.


Senior competition match scoring

As the batting team generally scores the match, if both teams are live scoring the session can be shared and downloaded to the new device between innings changes. 

This requires both teams to be using the e-scoring system. If this is not the case, the match should be scored via the paper scorebooks. Both captains should agree to this before the start of the match, to avoid matches being half scored online and locked.


All coaches and managers will be given electronic scoring permissions.

Volunteers who are not coaches and managers can also be nominated – please email [email protected] with name, mobile phone number and email address.

Accessing online scoring 

On your supported device -  any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device running one of Google Chrome, MS Edge, Apple Safari)

  1. Go to 
  2. Log in with your PlayHQ email address and your PlayHQ password.