Photography Policy


This policy aims to reduce the risk of Kissing Point Cricket Club (KPCC) members’ images being used for inappropriate purposes and ensure KPCC events and other activities protect the privacy rights of members, in particular the health, safety and welfare of children.


KPCC is committed to providing the highest levels of membership service. This includes protecting members privacy, promoting positive behaviours and attitudes, and protecting the health safety and wellbeing of members. By introducing policy regarding the acquiring and displaying images of members including children, this policy reiterates this commitment to our members.


This policy applies to all KPCC events and activities including competitions and any other activity organised by KPCC.


In New South Wales and Australia, generally speaking, there is no law restricting photography of people (including children) in public spaces as long as the images are not considered as:

  • Indecent
  • Being used for voyeurism or made for the purpose of observing and visually recording the other person’s genital or anal region
  • Protected by a court order (for example child custody or witness protection)
  • Defamatory
  • Being for commercial purposes


Notification and consent

KPCC advise all members that their photograph may be taken during a KPCC event and be used in KPCC publications, KPCC social media sites and on the KPCC website. This notice is communicated during the online registration process and on our website

If an individual does not want their photograph taken at a KPCC event, they should indicate this in writing at the time of registering for the club or at any later time thereafter.

All players and their parents will be notified in advance by the Coach or Team Manager, if a Coach wants to video the player(s) as a tool to analyse and improve performance. The club will abide by the wishes of any parent that indicates that they do not want their child to be videoed for this purpose.


6.1 Personal information with photograph

KPCC may publish a person’s name or personal information with a photograph, including by ‘tagging’ on social media. If an individual does not want their name or personal information with a photograph, including by ‘tagging’ on social media, they should indicate this in writing at the time of registering for the club or at any later time thereafter.

6.2 Photographs taken by KPCC at cricket events

KPCC may take photographs at cricket events for use on the KPCC website and other publications. If notified by a member that they do not wish to have their photo taken, KPCC will not take the member’s photograph.

6.3 Health and Well-being

KPCC is concerned with the health and well-being of its members, and as such should exclude images that may be considered offensive or inappropriate.


This policy will be made available to all members on the KPCC website at


This policy will be reviewed by the KPCC committee following the Annual General Meeting and before the commencement of registration.


In addition to the annual review of this policy, recommended changes to the policy may be submitted to the KPCC Committee for consideration at any time. In the event that changes are accepted, the policy will be updated, dated and circulated to all relevant stakeholders.


‘Photography’ means any still or moving images taken by a camera, mobile phone, video camera, DVD recorder or any other medium used to take still or moving images.

‘Child or Young Person’ means any member under the age of 18.

President – Kissing Point Cricket Club
July 2021