The aim of this policy is to clearly articulate the process which the club uses to choose senior teams. This is most relevant when there are too many players available for any single round. The process is designed to be as fair as possible and to get as many players as possible games throughout the season without unnecessary disruptions to any team.


Any players wishing to be considered for a match must confirm their availability with the Team Selector by 6pm on the Tuesday prior to that round. While team captains should gather player availabilities for the following match during the match in progress and forward these on to the Team Selector, if there is any doubt, please confirm your availability directly with the Team Selector. The Team Selector will not be held responsible for any inaccurate information received from the team captains.

If a player confirms after the 6pm Tuesday deadline, they will only be considered if there is an opening in a suitable team (grade) after all teams have been finalised.

Players are asked to confirm their availability on a round by round basis. To avoid any possible misunderstandings, blanket “available all games” type nominations should be avoided and will not be excepted.


Once confirmations are received the Team Selector will use the following ranking criteria to produce a first cut of players available for selection in the upcoming round. If there are sufficient players for all teams (no over/under) then this will be the final selection:

  • 2a Players registered full-time get preference over part-time registrations. Casuals and players registered with juniors are called upon as required
  • 2b Players who are available both weeks of a 2-day game get preference over players who can only play 1 week

2.1 Too Many/ Too Few Players Process

Where there are too many or too few players for the round subsequent to the above process, the Team Selector will consult with the Captains of the teams concerned and ask for input on the team selection. This may be one or many teams depending on numbers available.

2.2 Role and Responsibility of Captains in this process:

  • 2.2a Captains are expected to have a view on team selections when there are too many players for a round as the Captain is best placed to have an understanding of who within the team might be selected / not selected.
  • 2.2b When there are too few players for a round, Captains are expected to assist in coordinating the search for fill-in players.

As a guide to Captains, the above should be considered while keeping in mind the Overarching Principles described below.


For the sake of clarity, the Team Selector’s decision is final.

Subsequent to consultation with Captains (if required), the Team selector will draw up the final team lists and these will be e-mailed to all registered players.


The club recognises and accepts that as a community club, it is our duty to provide a safe, enjoyable and friendly environment for all our members to actively participate and play park cricket. Further, it is our intention to be fair and consistent in the treatment of all players.

In doing this the club will endeavour to always consider the following:

  • 4a The aim is to field balanced sides as much as possible.
    • The need to retain a level of competitiveness appropriate to the type of fixture and reputation of the club
    • The need to create an environment which is conducive to player development
  • 4b As we are a club and not a collection of individual teams, players may be asked from time to time to help in other grades as ratings permit.
  • 4c Given that games are unpredictable due to many factors (rain, the toss, batting order/performance etc), some players may get more game time than others.
    This is unavoidable, but will be considered by Captains if there are too many players for a round.
  • 4d Regular attendance at training sessions may be considered, however players who are not able to attend training for legitimate reasons (eg. work and family commitments, etc) will not be penalised. Players unable to train must communicate this to the captain and/or Team Selector.
  • 4e Where teams have a core of players (friends, family members, etc) that wish to play together, the club will endeavour to accommodate this.
  • 4f Any player in breach of the KPCC Player’s Code of Conduct may be overlooked for selection, regardless of other selection criteria.
  • 4g It must be recognised that sometimes these objectives are not compatible with each other.
  • 4h Any player who is unhappy with the selection process or with the Team Selector should take their concerns to the club President.


  • 5a To qualify to play in a KPCC team/grade in a Semi-Final or Grand Final, a player must have made themselves available to be selected to play in 7 matches in a season for that qualifying team/grade.
  • 5b If a player has been selected to play in another team/grade during the season due to the Team Selector moving them because of insufficient player numbers, then these games will count toward qualification.
  • 5c All other factors will be considered as listed in ‘4. Overarching Principles’.


  • 6a Meet your commitments – please don't drop out after notification of selection
  • 6b If you must drop out after selection, please make sure that you notify your Captain and the Team Selector and receive confirmation from them that they have received your notification.
  • 6c Notify your availability for each round before 6pm on the Tuesday before the round, including any need to leave early, "play at home" etc.
  • 6d Be responsible for checking your selection and advise any non-availability to captains and the Team Selector at the earliest opportunity.
  • 6e Attend training sessions to the best of your ability / availability.
  • 6f Be on time – arrival at the game should be 30 minutes before the scheduled start of play
  • 6g Play where selected to the best of your ability.
  • 6h Help your captain on match days, without being asked.
  • 6i Always uphold "the spirit of cricket", good manners and our club reputation, on and off the field.
  • 6j If you are a casual player, make sure you pay your match fees to the captain.

President – Kissing Point Cricket Club
July 2021