PlayHQ in Season 22/23

PlayHQ is the new system for registering into a Kissing Point Cricket Club team or program.

It replaces MyCricket for registrations and our game day organisation. Committee members have been attending PlayHQ online sessions to understand the implementation process and we are looking forward to using the new system.

You may already know PlayHQ from AFL, Netball, Basketball or Hockey in which case you probably already have a PlayHQ account and the registration process will be familiar.

Quick registration guide

Here is a quick guide for parents, guardians and players for registration into a team or program. Cricket Australia have also provided a helpful video walkthrough of the registration process which is well worth watching.

Parents/Guardians: remember to have your Active Kids Voucher(s) ready.

  1. Head to our PlayHQ Club page
  2. Choose the "Register" tab (not Fixtures & Ladders)
  3. Select a Competition or Program
  4. Parents/Guardians and Players 18+: create a PlayHQ account when prompted and verify your account. If you already have a PlayHQ account you do not need to create a new one.
  5. Parents/Guardians: to register your child/dependant  choose "I am registering someone else"
  6. Parents/Guardians and Players 18+: you will need to Link your Cricket ID (see below) to your PlayHQ account once only. Under 18s do not need a Cricket ID. No MyCricketID needed (see below).
  7. Parents/Guardians and Players 18+: Complete your registration into your chosen program / age group remembering to choose any KPCC shirts and caps you need this season (Credit Card only).


If you wish to be a coach, manager or volunteer, please register into the same program as your child/dependant and choose "I am registering myself" and choose the Coach, Manager or Volunteer role. Thanks for helping out!

This helps us to assign E-Scoring rights to you. You will need a valid Working With Children Check (WWC) to complete this.

Your Cricket ID

To complete registration, parents and players over the age of 18 will require a Cricket ID in season 22/23 , which is an email address. You do not need a MyCricketID to register this season, Cricket Australia (CA) will link those in the future.

If you have signed into, or any other CA website with an email address then this will be your Cricket ID. If you don't have one or have forgotten it, don't worry - use the forgot password process on the CA website or create a new Cricket ID to link to your PlayHQ account.

Is a Cricket ID the same as a MyCricket ID?

No, a Cricket ID (an email) is not a player's MyCricketID (a number).

Cricket Australia will be linking Cricket IDs to MyCricketIDs as a separate process. If you or your dependants have multiple MyCricketIDs, please contact the KPCC Registrar with the details as we will need to inform CA so they can be merged.

Information for parents & guardians

All clubs in NSW will be moving to the new PlayHQ registration system for season 22/23.

For parents & guardians, we have provided some helpful tips to help you get ready prior to registering yourself and/or your dependant.

  • Parents & Guardians will need to register a PlayHQ account once only for registrations beginning in season 22/23.
  • As a parent or a senior player you will need a Cricket ID, which is an email address. After you register with PlayHQ you can link that account to your Cricket ID.
  • Parents & Guardians should register themselves first and then their dependants. After you register, you can register dependants into the programs we offer. Check our season 22/23 page for registration links.
  • You can manage child accounts within your own PlayHQ account.
  • Children under the age of 18 do not need a Cricket ID to register, the parent/guardian Cricket ID covers them.


Help for parents and players over 18

Please review the PlayHQ Participant support website for all information about using PlayHQ to register and participate in season 22/23.

I am not sure if I have a Cricket ID

If you have used Cricket Australia live scores or any other CA website, you have a Cricket ID.
Use the website to login or find your Cricket ID using their forgot password link.

I have forgotten my Cricket ID password

Use the website to login or find your Cricket ID using their forgot password link.

Should I log in to PlayHQ with my Cricket ID ?

No, create a PlayHQ account which you can link to your Cricket ID during your first registration.

Do my kids need a Cricket ID?

No, as a parent/guardian you manage child registrations within your own account. They will get a Cricket ID at age 18.

Registering as a Coach or Manager

If you would like to volunteer as a Coach or a Manager for a Juniors team - thanks. You can do this via PlayHQ and this will help us assign you Electronic Scoring permissions for the season.

Prior to registering, please have your Working With Children information available.

  1. Choose 'I am registering myself' after signing in
  2. Hit Continue
  3. On the Choose Role tab, choose Coach or Manager.
  4. Proceed through the next steps as prompted.
  5. Choose a KPCC Training Shirt or Cap if you like to wear the club colours on game day
  6. Pay (if required)

Players with multiple MyCricket IDs

If you have (or suffer from) multiple MyCricket IDs then we'll need to know. Email the registrar with all the MyCricket IDs and your name as it appears in MyCricket. We will pass the information on to Cricket Australia who will then merge them.

What's happened with MyCricket ?

The MyCricket App will be available for 2022/23 season fixture information and results and MyCricket will continue to be run by Cricket Australia for the purposes of storing statistics.

A few important items we have been able to glean about the new system:

  • Statistics for previous seasons will not be transferred to PlayHQ. You will be able to find all historical stats in MyCricket and Cricket Australia will keep and manage all existing MyCricket and match data
  • The MyCricket live score app will be replaced by PlayHQ live scoring - we will be communicating about this with Junior coaches, managers, volunteers and senior captains closer to the season start.
  • Manual score updating will also be available via PlayHQ for Coaches, Managers and Senior captains.
  • If you have a duplicate MyCricket ID, we'd like to hear from you as we'll need to merge them.