How do I buy Kisso team shirts, training gear and caps?

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Frequently asked questions

Here's a list of commonly asked questions and answers you might have about our cricket gear, below. Contact KPCC Merchandise via email with any further questions.

Do I need a white shirt?

In our Saturday morning comp/non-comp teams, a white shirt is required. You can purchase a KPCC short or long sleeve shirt, or any white shirt or t-shirt will do.

If player wears a coloured shirt, they may be not easily distinguishable from umpires on the field.

In Senior afternoon matches, you must wear a white cricket shirt unless otherwise agreed to by the opposing team captain.

What about pants?

This applies to our Saturday cricketers only. Our Saturday girls teams are supplied KPCC Blue pants, thanks to our sponsors and grants received.

You buy your own white cricket pants. They can be purchased at sports stores, like Kingsgrove Sports at Artarmon or Rebel Sports. Some sizes are also available from stores like Lowes or Best & Less.

Saturday Master Blasters have the option of wearing white shorts but all other Junior and Senior players wear long white pants.

What shirts do Cricket Blast players wear?

Cricket Blast players can wear any colour shirt appropriate for playing sport. A Blaster pack is included in their registration fee. If they would like a Blaster shirt, that is an additional charge on top of the Master Blaster registration fee. 

U8/9 Saturday players wear KPCC playing shirts as their opposition are from other clubs.

What protective gear, of my own, do I need?

For hygiene, we ask that all players should provide their own protective equipment - pads, thigh pads, helmets. All players (male and female) must have an abdominal guard or "box". See product listing at Kingsgrove Sports.

Team kits will have a limited supply of protective gear for use if you do not have your own gear:

  • Batting pads
  • Right and left handed gloves
  • Helmets

Special cricket briefs or boxer shorts, with a pocket for the protector, can be purchased at sports stores. Alternatively, the protector will stay in place if worn between 2 pairs of underwear.

Do I need to buy a wide brim hat?

Wide brim hats provide more sun protection than a cap. Whether you wear the cap or a wide brim hat is personal choice.

You may wear any wide brim cricket hat, and these can be purchased from sports stores.

Do I need a training shirt or shorts ?

Training shirts are optional. All Junior, Girls and Senior players in season 22/23 were given one for free thanks to our sponsors. We'd love to see junior players with KPCC colours on game day and training, but the decision is made by parents.


Senior players and Junior parents can purchase a training shirt to represent KPCC on the field while umpiring, but this is also optional.


When I go to buy a piece of merchandise, it doesn't appear or there's no drop-down for that size. What does this mean?

This means we don't have that item or the size you want, in stock. Please email [email protected] for assistance with an alternative.

Help, I've chosen the wrong size or the wrong sleeve type!

Try the shirt on before game day and if the wrong size, return it to its wrapper in brand new condition. Leave any tags on and email [email protected] with the name of the registered player and an outline of the issue.

For example, requiring a shirt one or more sizes bigger or smaller, receiving a short sleeve shirt when you were expecting a long sleeved one.

Buy, Sell & Swap

Cost of purchasing new equipment, especially for rapidly growing players, can be an issue. The club runs a dedicated buy, sell and swap Facebook group to support buying and selling cricket equipment in the area.

If your kids have grown out of their cricket equipment, list it on our group and you might find a bargain!

Many retailers offer sales throughout the year.


The club provides Junior competition teams with a cricket kit containing all the equipment required to play. Generally, junior players will bring their own equipment to each game but players may use kit equipment as needed.

Senior teams are provided with a basic kit, as players provide their own equipment.

When Covid-19 playing conditions are in place, the sharing of equipment is not permitted.