Senior teams at Kissing Point Cricket Club

We provide a welcoming and friendly environment for those wishing to play at all levels, regardless of ability. The club welcomes new players and those who have not played cricket in a while.

Senior grades available are A through to D2. In season 2021/22 we are again fielding 7 teams in the following grades:

  • A
  • B2
  • C3
  • C4
  • D
  • D2 (x2 teams)

In season 2021/22 we have many KPCC Juniors moving into our Senior teams as full-time players.

Registration has closed for season 21/22. There may be opportunities for those interested but not yet registered to help field a team throughout the season.
If you are interested, in the first instance please send an email to the Senior Contact emails addresses provided below. Please also refer to the Senior Selection policy.


Kissing Point Teams participate in HKHDCA (Hornsby Kuring-Gai Hills District Cricket Association) competition which usually runs from September to March following year during each summer.

Competition in 2021/22 is all one-day matches of 35 overs per innings (40 in A Grade) plus 2 day Semi-finals & Grand Final in each grade.

In most seasons, a pre-season T20 competition is played with 2 rounds, a Semi-Final and Grand Final played.

Juniors playing in Senior cricket

If your son or daughter cannot find a Junior team, they may like to play in a Senior team. Selection is based on age and ability.

In season 2020/21 we had a number of U15s playing in D and D2 grades, plus a number of younger players in C's, B's and A grade.

In season 2021/22 we again have KPCC juniors playing in all grades from A to D2. Throughout the season there are opportunities for our U15 players to play in Senior teams.

It's worth noting that Senior cricket is adult-level cricket, with 70 overs bowled in a day for One-day matches (80 in A Grade). If you are interested, please contact Mike and Brett, our VP Seniors.

Senior Training

Training times (Oct - Mar)

For 2021/22 season Senior training is on Wednesdays from 4:30pm to dark at Auluba Oval, Auluba Rd, South Turramurra.

If you are not registered but interested in playing, or have a friend/friends interested in playing, please feel free to come and have a hit!

Remember to check-in using the Service NSW code at the nets and write your name on the list to assist with net order.

Off-season training (Jul - Sep)

During normal off-seasons, training is usually on Sundays from 2.30pm till 4pm at Auluba Oval, Auluba Rd, South Turramurra.

Player selection

Selection into a senior team is determined by your availability and player rating. All senior players should read the Senior grade selection policy as it contains important information on finals selections.

Your rating determines which team you can play in and is set by the HKHDCA.

As a guide, the following list gives a rough indication of where you can expect to play

  • 0 rated players - A Grade only
  • 1 rated players - A Grade
  • 2 rated players – A2 Grade (Kookaburra Cup)
  • 3 rated players - B Grade
  • 4 rated players – B2 Grade
  • 5 rated players - C Grade
  • 6 rated players – C2 Grade
  • 7 rated players - C3 Grade
  • 8 rated players – C4
  • 9 rated players – D Grade
  • 10 rated players – D2 Grade
  • 11 rated players – below average D2 Grade

Players with a rating for lower grades may play up in a higher grade, for instance if the higher grade team is short players or if you want to "have a go" and a place is available.

For those players who are new or have not played for a while, you will be given a provisional "P" rating until your rating is determined by on-field results. Players with a P rating may be moved up or down grades within a season depending on results.

A dispensation "D" may be given for a higher grade player to play in a lower grade team, for instance a parent may wish to be in the same squad as their child. This is at the discretion of the Association and dispensated players are restricted in their balls faced and overs bowled.

If you haven't played cricket in a while, or have never played, and you are interested in playing we recommend you contact our VP Seniors.