Nick Hasler - Club Captain

The role

The Club Captain of Kissing Point Cricket Club, a singular and prestigious position, is the leader of the club’s playing group; someone who personifies and represents all of us as cricketers, and as ‘Kisso’ players.

The Club Captain has a deep understanding of Kissing Point Cricket Club culture, and plays an active role in setting and maintaining that culture. The Club Captain acts as a positive role model and mentor for players, and is, in a real sense, captain of all of the players in the club, not just the players in their own team. They are willing and eager to engage with all players as though they are their teammates and he or she is their captain.

The Club Captain is an essential overseer of club spirit and player development. As the representative of the whole playing group, the Club Captain is the person most able to communicate the players’ view, and is the person who all players can contact and talk to about cricket related matters. The Club Captain provides support and advice of a cricketing nature to players where needed.

As described above, the Club Captain is first and foremost a cricketing role, rather than a committee or administrative role. Within that cricketing scope, the Club Captain may be required to participate in a range of cricket activities like open days, social days, presentation nights, etc, especially juniors events, and to visit junior cricket games, when able, to engage with players and parents, and to further everyone’s engagement with and connection to Kissing Point Cricket Club.

Where possible the Club Captain attends committee meetings and reports on the activities of the players, the performance of the club both on and off the field, and presents any views of the players in regard to areas to be improved or opportunities to be taken up.



Vice President Seniors – Kissing Point Cricket Club

September 2021