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The association (HKHDCA) has updated their website domain without providing an automatic redirect from the old to the new.

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Thanks for volunteering your time at your club.  Coaches, Managers and Volunteers play a crucial role in the smooth running of the season -  from making sure players get to the right ground on time, to helping our junior players get the best out of their game.

This page contains all the resources you will need as a coach, manager or volunteer at Kissing Point Cricket Club. For Junior coaches and managers having further questions, please contact the VP Juniors. Senior captains with the same should contact the VP Seniors.

Some links point at external websites and these links may become dead over time. If you spot a link not working, or would like a link added to this page, contact the webmaster.

Game-day resources

Tips for getting started on time:

  • Arrive at the ground at least 30 minutes before scheduled start of play
  • Make sure all players have adequate fluids, sunscreen and sun protection
  • Scorers: set up for electronic or manual scoring as early as possible
  • Put stumps out
  • For hot weather, ensure you are following the association's hot weather rules


Resources for coaches, managers and scorers on the day of a match:

Girls Saturday Cricket

  • NSJCA rules can be found via the "Blue Book" on the NSJCA website.

Senior competition