Access the PlayHQ portal

Coaches, Managers, Senior Captains and Vice-Captains will have additional access to the PlayHQ participant portal to set team line-ups for matches and enter scorecards post-match. Once this access has been given, each fixture can be managed via My Account > My Teams

If you do not see the Manage button as below, please contact the club Registrar who can assist with setting up your permissions.

PlayHQ have provided a handy " Captain, Coach and Team Manager Game Day Guide (PDF) 2.5 MB " document that provides information on Line-Up and Scorecard entry. Save this to your phone and/or print it out and store in the team scoring folder/box.


Scorecard Entry

Those with management access can add and edit scorecards after the match. You have a maximum of 5 days to enter scores (this value is set by the Association, the club cannot change it).

For Junior non-competition  matches U8 to U11, coaches and managers do not need to enter any results of scores.

Creating a team line-up

When managing a fixture you can select the players from available players listed.

If a player is not listed, this means they have not been placed into your team. Please contact VP Juniors or VP Seniors depending on the team. They will allocate the player to the team.

Juniors playing in Seniors - Permit

A player registered in the Junior Mixed competition who is playing in at least one Senior competition match will require a season permit. The same applies for player movements in the other direction.

This is a fairly quick process. Please contact the Registrar to kick this off.