About our terms and conditions

This section contains important information for all those participating in Kissing Point Cricket Club programs, including programs and competitions run by affiliated associations (HK&HDCA, NSJCA) and organisations.

By registering as a player or participating in activities, you agree to be bound by all relevant documents listed in this section.

Junior Cricket Philosophy

At KPCC we believe that Junior Community Cricket is about providing all members with an equal opportunity to play cricket.

Winning games, whilst valued, is not the primary objective. Instead we aim to make sure that each player has a positive experience and wants to return the next season.

The focus is on developing cricket skills as well as supporting more global player development. We strive to create not only great cricketers but also great sportspeople, competitors and team mates.

We aim to provide opportunities for every player on their cricketing journey.

Junior cricket relies on a strong relationship between players, coaches, managers, parents and the Kissing Point Cricket Club, all contributing and working together to create a great experience for everyone involved.