Friday evenings at Auluba Oval

Come down to Auluba Oval for drinks and BBQ every Friday evening from 5pm during season 2021/22.

The bar is open, enjoy a drink on the verandah to catch up with friends on a Summer afternoon.

Junior T20s are back!

KPCC is planning to hold two T20s involving our Junior teams, usually a U12/13s mixed game and a U14/15s mixed game.

We'll have the BBQ fired up and the canteen open serving drinks for the parents and spectators.

Teams will play with a Jaffer Ball and the Zing bails as they attempt to set a total or chase one down.


Mark your calendars for Friday, 10th December 2021 and Friday 11th March 2022.


A Junior T20 under lights at Auluba Oval

Senior T20s

The Red Barons v The Blue Jokes

Mark the calendar for 17th December 2021 as everyone's favourite T20, The Red Barons v The Blue Jokes, will be returning.

Past years have seen games come down to the wire under lights at Auluba Oval, with the willow flashing and the Jaffa swinging. After a long wait, who will prevail this year?

The BBQ will be on and the bar open for drinks for young and old.

Team nominations opening soon.

The Players v The Legends

Join us on Friday evening, January 28th 2022 for the second Kissing Point Senior Club T20 of the season.

For the first time, we have The Players facing off versus The Legends.

The bar will be open, especially for those on the field.

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