Girls Cricket at KPCC

Matches are played on Friday evening, Saturday morning (Junior) or afternoon (Senior) and run for about 2.5 hours.

We are looking for a Girls Cricket Coordinator and Coaches and Managers. Email Naveen, VP Juniors for more information.

In season 21/22 we had Stage 1 and Stage 2 teams playing in the NSJCA (North Shore Junior Cricket Association). The girls had a great time practising the skills they picked up in Master Blasters, and making new friends.

In season 22/23 we had two Stage 1 teams playing in U11 and U13 competitions.

In season 23/24 we have two girls teams, one playing in the HKHDCA All-Girls Cricket Friday evening competition and an U15 team playing in the NSJCA Stage 2 Saturday afternoon competition.

Older players are welcome to play in our Junior Mixed competition. For women interesting in playing in a Senior team, please contact our Senior VPs.

Stage 2 Girls

Stage 2 Girls
Our Stage 2 Girls team for season 23/24


The club will provide a kit containing helmets, thigh pads and gloves. Players are welcome to provide their own equipment and this is encouraged from a health and safety perspective.

Please purchase an abdominal guard ("box") - mention you are registered with Kissing Point Cricket Club and get a 10% discount at Kingsgrove Artarmon.

Helmets are compulsory.

Girls Cricket Contacts

Naveen Sivanathan is our Junior Vice President.  If you have any questions about girls cricket, please contact him using the below email address.

Registration issues/questions should be directed to James, the registrar.


Hornsby Ku-ring-gai & Hills District Cricket Association (HKHDCA) in 1996/97 introduced for the first time a separate Girl’s Competition and KPCC entered two teams, one U/12 and one O/12 (Over 12)

In 2001/02 due to falling numbers, the HKHDCA competition was ended and our teams moved to the NSJCA entering U13 and U16 teams. This continued until 2007/08 season when falling numbers again meant the club could not enter teams.

Girls continued to play cricket in our Junior Mixed competition, played in the HKHDCA association.


1996 - 2008

Season Executive Officer No. of Teams (Age Goups) Premierships, Etc.
1996/97 Marty Van Rhoon 2 (U/12, O/12) Over 12 Premiers
1997/98   2 (U/12)  
1998/99   3 (2 U/12, U/16)  
1999/00   2 (U/12, 14)  
2000/01   3 (U/12, 14, 16) U/12 Premiers. (Played as Kissing Point/St.Ives)
2001/02   2 (U/13, 16) Entered North Shore Girls Cricket Competition. U/13 Premiers
2002/03   3 (U/16, 14, 12) U/14 Premiers.
2003/04   3 (U/12, 2 U/15)  
2004/05   3 A Grade Premiers
2005/06   3 A Grade, B Grade Premiers.
2006/07 Mike Hemingway 2  
2007/08 John Porter 1  


In season 2018/19 and with support from Cricket NSW, we started a Girls Only Master Blasters program for ages 5 and up which ran at Auluba Oval throughout summer in the evening.

In season 20/21, with players from that program, we were able to enter a Stage 2 team (approx U13) in the NSJCA competition after a 13 year break.

In season 21/22 we continued with our Girls Only Master Blaster program, a Stage 1 and a Stage 2 team.

In season 22/23, our Stage 1 teams (Junior/U11 and Senior/U13) played in the NSJCA competition. The Girls Master Blaster program was again running on Thursday evenings at Auluba Oval.
Our Senior Stage 1 team placed 6th in the competition and won the Cup Division (5th-8th place) Grand Final.

In season 23/24, HKHDCA introduced a Friday evening carnival-like cricket program for girls in the Stage 1 age group. Our Stage 1 team had a massive amount of fun playing cricket under lights. The Stage 1 Senior team from the previous season entered the Stage 2 U15 NSJCA competition and placed 8th, again winning the Cup Division Grand Final.

Cricket NSW started an All Girls Cricket Blast program for 5-10 year old girls, running on Thursday evenings at Auluba Oval, while the older girls train.