About Girls Saturday Cricket

With plenty of exciting additions, Girls Saturday Cricket is back for another season, with competitions for girls and women aged 10 to adult. This season we are entered Stage 1 and Stage 2 teams.

For women interesting in playing cricket, please contact our Senior VPs.

For season 2021/22 our Stage 1 and 2 teams are playing in the North Shore Junior Cricket Association, with teams from Castle Hill to Mosman. Games are played on Saturday mornings (Stage 1) afternoons (Stage 2) at grounds on the North Shore of Sydney.

The girls have had a great time practising the skills they have picked up in Blasters, and making new friends.

Player registration costs

  • Stage 1 (approx ages 10-11): $160
  • Stage 2 (approx ages 12-13): $180

Remember to apply for an Active Kids Voucher prior to registering your child.

Girls Cricket Contacts

Naveen Sivanathan is our Junior Vice President and Fiona Makin is our Junior Coordinator.  Any questions about girls cricket, please contact either of them through the below email addresses.

Stage 1 game format

Game format for Stage 1 Girls is similar to our mixed Master Blaster Saturday format.

While there is a points ladder and match results are recorded, the aim of the game is to learn skills and have fun.

  • Open to girls, 8 players per team for batting
  • Game Time: 2hrs
  • Matches played every Saturday morning at 10:30, finishing at 12:30
  • Overs per team: 20
  • Each player faces 15 balls
  • Pitch Length: not full length. Bowlers can move forward if required.
  • Boundary: 25-30m maximum
  • Ball type: Soft "Platy ball"
  • Batting: Bat in pairs facing equal balls
  • Bowling: 6 ball overs max. Wides & No Balls not re-bowled
  • Bowl all overs from one end, umpires swap and fielders rotate
  • Fielding: Rotate fielders, no fielder within 10m
  • Exchange fielders if more than 8 players on a team
  • Dismissals: Bowled, caught, run-out, hit-wicket
  • Scoring of Dismissals: 5 runs per wicket to fielding team.
  • No professional coaching provided. Parents coach, organise and run the team
  • Team organiser allowed on the field to assist and guide
  • Team created with Kissing Point CC registered players
  • Matches played against other clubs in the North Shore Junior Cricket Association
  • Played at various fields on the North Shore (between Mosman - Turramurra - Epping)
  • Matches played on the astro-turf centre wicket

Recap of Season 2020/21

Season 2020/21 was the first time in 15 years KPCC were able to put together a girls-only team. They played in the Sixer Girls Cricket League against teams from the local area.

The girls were from our inaugural Girls Master Blasters the season before, experienced junior cricketers in our mixed Juniors or playing cricket for the very first time.

All the girls had a lot of fun and have inspired plenty more girls in the KPCC community to give girls cricket a go!